A Young, Trendy Teenager’s Room

A youthful design for a teenager

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2m Width
2.7m Height
Printed Doors
4mm Sloping Profile
Hover Mechanism

Our Part in the Process

This was a great project which Hardoor was happy to be involved in. We were asked to design a wardrobe for a young teenager. We chose a “floating” sliding wardrobe in white with two glass doors. On the middle strip of one of the doors we printed a small picture of a figure. Undoubtedly, it is often the little things which make the biggest impressions and in this project the small figure adds freshness and individuality.

The designer was determined to maintain a minimalistic, uncluttered look. The palette of colours chosen was a variety of shades of eggshell and white to accentuate the classic look. This is the right approach when designing smaller spaces as light colours always give the illusion of space. At the end of the day, the result was a young, up-to-date look, unburdened with unnecessary clutter constituting an inviting ambience. This is a winning combination of design, quality and function.