A Young Design Fit for a Teenager with a Sesame Sliding Wardrobe

The youthful concept of this room perfectly suits its teenage occupant.

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3m Width
3.2m Height
TV Combo
4mm Sloping Profile
Glass Doors
Sesame Mechanism

Our Part in the Process

In conjunction with the family’s designer, we chose a white TV sliding wardrobe with a glass surface. Hardoor’s Sesame TV wardrobe perfectly blends in to the space affording a young, trendy look. The Sesame doors align with each to produce an impressive glass facade.

Key Points Taken Into Consideration

It was critical to the designer to create a clean, uncluttered look whilst keeping the room young and suitably designed for a teenager. The windows on the adjacent wall bring in a great deal of light creating a feeling of space. The parquet flooring coordinates naturally and blends in well with the general design of the room adding warmth and comfort.

The room is adorned with sports items from the teenager’s world such as his surfboard, tennis equipment, etc. The outcome, design wise, is young and fun whilst at the same time, practical and functional.