A Teenager’s Room with a Fashionable Design

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3m Width
3.2m Height
4mm Sloping Profile
Glass Doors
Internal Mechanism
Hover Mechanism

When we arrived at this project, it was important to create a young, up-to-date room suitable for a growing teenager. Teenagers need space and privacy within their world. As such their personal space should be an expression of their personalities.

In this vein, it is important to realise that teenagers’ rooms constitute an anchor and a safe place all at once. It needs to be pleasant and safe place to host friends, or just occupy themselves with their hobbies and interests in their world.

Our Part in the Process

The designer chose a white floating sliding wardrobe with a glass strip. The wardrobe harmonises perfectly with the flooring and the rest of the room’s accessories. It transmits simplicity and elegance all at once, whilst on the other hand, it is a young, trendy, fun look suitable for an adolescent teenager. Even the parquet contributes to the feeling of natural, homely warmth.

In addition, the designer added several items that complement and blend harmoniously in the room, the idea being that the space becomes a kind of mirror reflecting the real world of youth with final touches serving to achieve the perfect look for the room .