A Sesame Sliding Wardrobe in Black and Sand

A combination of different shades of glass as a solution to several design challenges.

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It is no secret that we, at Hardoor, believe in the concept of wardrobes instead of  walls and assimilating them into the space harmoniously through huge plain doors. Having said that, often there are difficulties which prevent us being able to fulfil this ambition, either because the doors are too big to be transferred through he apartment for fitting or because the design of the space itself is unsuitable.

In such circumstances, the client has two options for dividing the wardrobe doors: one is to create a glass strip in the same colour so that at first glance the door looks homogenous. This way the division of the door is less obvious and a relatively unified look is created.

The other option, as appears in this picture, is to divide the wardrobe door into two colours, with a central strip either in glass or a one way mirror where the television can be fitted and is hidden when turned off.

The division of wardrobe doors creates an interesting and attractive look with endless colour combinations to choose from.