Sliding Glass Wardrobe with a Print Fit for a Princess

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6m Width
3.2m Height
Printed Doors
4mm Sloping Profile
Hover Mechanism

Our Part in the Process

Here is a sliding “floating” wardrobe reaching up to the ceiling with a print of a fairy hovering in the centre of the wardrobe, dominating the room. On the surface of the second door we printed scattered butterflies.

Sometimes, these prints are the centre of the children’s bedroom design which creates a special ambience. Undoubtedly, it wraps us up in an air of magic and transports us into the world of our children. The adjacent wall is painted in a pale pink shade on which stickers of another fairy have been applied completing a unified design within the room.

The interior design of the wardrobe correlates well with the facia creating a perfectly harmonious look where the interior and exterior of the wardrobe merge together.