Sliding Glass Wardrobe for the Children’s Bedroom

Hardoor took part in designing this children's bedroom .

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As soon as you walk into this house, you immediately feel its warmth. It is blessed with relaxed hues and natural light which spills in from outside. The design was chosen with strict attention applied to every detail. The result is perfect harmony.

The sitting lounge is characterised by its warm contours with parquet flooring and a brick wall which coordinates beautifully with the natural style of the house.

Our Part in the Process

It was important to us and to the designer to enhance the feeling of space in the walk-in wardrobe, to ensure efficient division of the space for accessories and clothes and to create flattering, suitable lighting. We achieved a spacious, elegant and well designed walk-in-wardrobe, but most importantly, it is functional and comfortable.

In the children’s bedroom, on the other hand, the choice of sliding wardrobe was important. This is due to the fact that the wardrobe was to be used not only for clothes, but also other items such as toys and linens. For that reason, a sliding wardrobe was the ideal choice and perfect for children. Again every detail had to be considered carefully to ensure that it suited the personality and needs of the children, including the choice of colour, width and height of the doors etc. We chose a floating sliding wardrobe with two doors in a cloudy grey clean shade with a glass surface. The wardrobe has a clean, uncompromising finish which speaks the same language as the general style of the room.

To summarise, in recent years it has become accepted that children’s bedrooms are a critical space, deserving of recognition. It contains areas for rest, play and hosting friends. As such, the sliding wardrobe is an integral part of the design and has earnt the right to be designed with thought and planning.