A Sesame TV Wardrobe in White Glass for a Rich Look

The bedroom in this private luxury house combines contemporary design with technology.

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Amongst the pages of our website, you can see many examples of level door sliding television wardrobes, but here is one of the most stunning ones. The bedroom before you is a modern creation that one doesn’t see every day. First, the sheer size of the space requires, even demands, an equally large wardrobe. The wardrobe is five meters wide divided into two doors with the middle door housing a built-in television. This way,  the room is free from ugly television mounting systems which detract from the ultimate television viewing experience. The choice of white glass coordinates harmoniously with other contemporary elements in the room and creates a flawlessly harmonious, modern bedroom.

In the field of sliding wardrobes, bedrooms of this size can create particular challenges, but Hardoor’s unique technology allows the building of particularly large wardrobe doors with smooth gliding even at the lightest of touches.

At Hardoor, the sheer weight of large, wide doors is simply not an issue. The Sesame sliding door system carries weights of up to 100 kilos and widths of 2.5 meters per door without hinderance.


5m Width
TV Combo
4mm Sloping Profile
Glass Doors
Sesame Mechanism