A Double TV Wardrobe in the Lobby of the Alexander Hotel

We were invited to take part in the design of the lobby in the Alexander Hotel.

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6m Width
3m Height
TV Combo
Glass Doors
Sesame Mechanism

We chose to install two Sesame sliding door wardrobes which were positioned behind the reception desk in the lobby. Sesame sliding wardrobes are an impressive innovation of technology and exceptional by any standards.

The hotel lobby is a public space and should be a well designed, aesthetic entrance into the space. Unlike the warmth and intimacy that private house design requires, a hotel lobby should convey a more impressive and respectable feeling. For that purpose, we chose a Sesame sliding wardrobe which provides plenty of storage and efficiency but at the same time is a uniquely designed item for the space. The Sesame incorporates both innovative design and a clean look, retaining the theme of minimalism perfectly suited for this hotel lobby.

The final outcome is the ultimate look of elegant and precision. We were able retain the plush look without causing a feeling of alienation and indifference for those visiting the hotel.

Features of the wardrobes:

Width: 6 meters

Height: 3 meters

Buit-in television

Semi-automatic opening mechanism

Glass doors

Sesame mechanism