A Clean an Elegant Look Created by a Glass Level Door Sliding Wardrobe

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Our Part in the Process

This was a project for a young couple in a city apartment. We were enlisted to design a wardrobe for the master bedroom, which was not particularly spacious, a matter which had to be considerated carefully. The best solution in these circumstances, is the Sesame TV wardrobe (whose doors align perfectly with one another when closed) in a reflective glass, divided into three doors. The beauty of this wardrobe is that one can watch television on the surface of the door of the wardrobe but, when the TV is switched off it becomes invisible behind the glass. We then get a huge stunning glass facade.

The wardrobe was built into an existing niche up to the height of the ceiling making full use of the space available. It has the Sesame mechanism which is capable of carrying the heaviest of doors whilst maintaining smooth movement – the strongest mechanism in the world.

In addition, this wardrobe has Hardoor’s unique, ultra-slim profiles whereby the edges of the doors are beveled and therefore almost invisible to the eye. This enables the designer to decorate the doors as one without interference. The slimline profiles also act as a safety feature exclusive to Hardoor.

Some final colourful touches were added such as curtains and cushions in order to finish off the classic tranquil design.