A Single Level Sliding Wardrobe in Black Glass

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Our Part in the Process

Here the project was to design a wardrobe for a master bedroom. One of the most important things to take into consideration before choosing a suitable wardrobe is the measurements and any other factors in the space, such as the position of the windows and the lighting. In this case, we are dealing with a small room, which had to be on our minds throughout the whole planning process.The wardrobe selected was a Sesame TV wardrobe with a built-in TV in black glass.

One of the attributes of this wardrobe is that it can be built up to the ceiling, making use of every centimetre available. Also, the single level opening means that when the doors are closed they are situated on the same level as each other giving us a clean and perfect look spread over the entire wall. The Sesame wardrobe is the perfect choice for small spaces taking full advantage of the space available for effective storage. Practical and beautiful.

For those who enjoy the minimalist style, this wardrobe constitutes elegant, precise, clean lines and undoubtedly the most forward thinking technology in the world of sliding doors.