A Sesame TV Wardrobe in a White Bedroom

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6m Width
3m Height
TV Combo
4mm Sloping Profile
Glass Doors
Sesame Mechanism


A single level wardrobe in a private house.

The project is a characteristically modern house incorporating a sliding TV wardrobe built on a single level from Hardoor, in white and mirror finish.

The aim was to provide the bedroom with an open, airy look with the white surface reflecting the outside view on the inside of the room. This creates harmony between the atmosphere inside the room and the view beyond. The space contains another 3 meter wardrobe so that two of the four walls are covered in reflective, shiny glass providing extra volume to the airy ambience.

Hardoor’s TV wardrobes serve another purpose in this space, thanks to the thoughtful forward planning of the TV viewers’ experience. The size of the room is maximised to the full in terms of storage even before we fall in love with the design.


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