A Black and White, Magical Room

The line between designs for a child's room and that of a teenager's room is thin, and crossing it in the wrong direction can cause unsatisfactory results.

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Children’s bedroom designs are characterised by colours, textures, characters  bringing to life inanimate objects, wallpapers, stickers, amusing pictures and even fun bed linen, all combined with pastel shade furniture.

For teenagers, the designs are completely different as a more grown up language comes into play. Designs principally focus less on the joy of life, but more on a combination of hobbies and the creation of a subject in the space, together with suitable furniture planning.

Here is a bedroom that was designed for a teenage girl. It combines “legendary” elements and inspires an ambience of a magical princess’ room, all without falling into to the trap of childishness. This is achieved by the use of Hardoor’s “floating” sliding doors in bright white glass with a print of a galloping horse on a strip along the centre of the doors. The wardrobe, which is the focal point in the general design of the bedroom, is daring but impressive.