HIConnect Exhibition 2014

The solution that revolutionizes American hotels.

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Once again, Hardoor was awarded an American prize for their innovation which filling them with pride. This time, the prize was for an architectural solution which will change the face of hotels in America and will make us think twice about our living room solutions.

HIConnect is an annual professional exhibition which is held in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA and focuses on innovations for hotels. It is attended by the best of America’s architects, hotel owners and entrepreneurs.

The intriguing fact about this exhibition is that the companies taking part are leading companies in the market of design and development for the next generation of hotels in America. This is an exhibition which will determine the look of hotels for years to come. Each year companies present their ideas for the future of hotel experiences.

Our company answers these criteria and not only exhibited at this prestigious exhibition but was also awarded with a prize in the “best new product” category.

Hardoor didn’t start this adventure by accident. Hardoor is a company which deals with storage solutions for the home and wall to wall sliding wardrobes. They have developed stunning storage solutions themselves together with, among other things, the commercialised TV wardrobe and the level-surface wardrobe doors which close perfectly, creating a single wall.

Their showrooms represent the personality of the company which has carved out for itself the motto “design & technology” and stands behind it, year after year, development after development, registering, until now, 12 international patents in the field of sliding wardrobes and storage solutions.

So what was it that caused the Americans to take off their hats to Hardoor? Within well-designed rooms, stood beautiful, intelligent storage units, which contained more than you could imagine. The sliding door wardrobes were impressive and elegant, each with glass surfaces and doors which close on a single level and a TV built in to the front surface of each wardrobe.

The front of the wardrobes are painted in perfect coordination for the design of the room, indeed, all the materials used match perfectly, but that is just part of the picture. Inside the wardrobe awaits a whole world of storage solutions, including a hidden desk, a built-in ironing board, book shelves, a drinks bar and even an area for trash.

Some of the wardrobes were stand alone, and others units were placed as a dressers. Hardoor’s claim is that these solutions will lead the future in years to come and sitting room design, like bedroom design, will look completely different.

Hardoor says that soon, when you want to design your lounge, you won’t have to think too hard about how to design it, where to place the TV, where to place the book shelves or the drinks bar. There is one solution which is designed specifically to fit your personal needs and will be built for the living room, so that the TV unit will will be replaced by a rich, technologically advanced glass wall with a range of storage solutions.

These solutions represent a dramatic change in the field of design and create a real opportunity to a change in the concept of living rooms, turning TV corners into interactive areas containing much more than we were used to until today.

Are living rooms about to change? Is this truly a breakthrough?

There’s good reason to believe that small spaces can benefit from these solutions in the near future. The sliding wardrobes offered by Hardoor coordinate well and provide a serious answer to storage problems that hadn’t been thought of until now.

Another option is the use of these sliding wardrobes for much larger, impressive spaces, as a central design feature in the space.

For sure, it provides a new, refreshing vision for the future of furniture. Those who recognise it in time, deserves some points in their favour.