The World's Most Advanced Wardrobes

Welcome to Hardoor, the world’s most innovative wardrobes company. Hardoor develops, manufactures and markets the most technologically advanced mechanisms for sliding wardrobes and distributes them worldwide.

Since its establishment in 2002 Hardoor has registered 9 patents worldwide, it has taken part in national fairs and exhibitions, and won prizes for innovation and technology. Hardoor’s wardrobes are different; they are different because of the sliding system behind the closet and because of their design and adjustment abilities. The entire engineering concept is different.

We invite you to look around and visit the different projects we took part in, to learn more about Hardoor’s unique sliding technology, and watch our advertising clips. Please feel free to contact us.

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Our Interior Concept

We believe in wardrobes hidden by walls and smooth surfaces instead of doors.

Who we are


Hardoor was established as a hardware developer, starting from an idea of creating a new sliding system with new capabilities never seen before. The idea was brought to life and was distributed in fairs and worldwide exhibitions with great success in a short time Hardoor set up 6 branches and registered 9 worldwide patents.
Meet the story behind 'Hardoor'
From a small carpentry workshop to a worldwide success


During the last 12 years, Hardoor has made significant progress in the field of sliding wardrobes. We have converted the old-fashioned sliding mechanism into a strong, long-lasting product with new capabilities and infinite design possibilities
A veteran product turned innovative


Every year, Hardoor's latest and most interesting developments are presented in fairs and exhibitions all over the world. Recently, the SESAME TV solution won the 'best new product' in the national hospitality interior fair in USA – the 'HI Connect.'
Worldwide exhibitions
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No reason for you to care about an award-winning mechanism
A worldwide, patented, innovative solution.
Brilliant design, and years of research and development.
No need to care. Just come and have a look at it. You'll be amazed at what a wardrobe can do.Hardoor. The world's most advanced wardrobes.